Experience in growing brands is proven by results.

Human Behavior is the essence of Marketing

Designing organic campaigns: low cost, yet effective

Leveraging human behavior and an eye for producing content to design branded experiences.

Growing the brand of Shallow 9, a rock band

Incentivizing consumers 

This video marked the final giveaway in a series of 3 to promote a local performance. 

  • 3,100 views without paid promotion 
  • Drove ticket sales up 
  • Maintained audience retention due to video editing

88% increase in followers since 2016

Driving growth for Shallow 9 through engagement with content

Throughout the course of 3 years I developed marketing campaigns designed to organically engage the audience of Shallow 9, a female fronted cover band based in Central, PA. The campaigns were designed to reach women. Each campaign increased the following of Shallow 9 and lead to sales for each performance. 

Using quality media

Driving engagement with striking, on brand photos

Completely Organic

We encouraged our fans to share this flier for a Summer Tour. This flier coupled with Facebook events for each performance yielded higher attendance. Venues also circulated this image through print. 

But, did the campaigns actually work?

400+ in attendance

Results, period.

Creating Content for DopplerPoppins, an original funk band