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The Neuroscience of Music

 What Music Is  by Tucker Landis

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  The article engages with the human capacity to listen, produce, and have meaningful experiences from music. The text focuses on three points: (1) the influence of music on the evolution of humans, (2) the anatomy that transduces music into electrical potentials in the brain to become the content of music, and (3) clinical applications for music therapy of PTSD. The goal of this essay is to encourage its readers to more mindfully produce and consume music and understand its innate influence on emotions and well-being.

Tucker Landis is a multi-facetted professional musician with many years of experience as a Guitarist in genres such as, Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop, Soul, RnB, and Jam. He strives to bring music to the masses with his broad capabilities. His compositions are reflective of his wide musical tastes and ambitions. His unique understanding of Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Music make his performances cerebral and joy-inspiring.

Tucker has performed on many stages with a multitude of artists, which demonstrates that he is capable of making a significant contribution in any musical environment. Tucker Landis is currently building a career that will touch the lives of many.

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